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Linked BA (Linguistics)/MA (TESOL) Program

Undergraduate majors in linguistics in the Department of LGSAAL who meet the requirements of the BA/MA Linked Program may count nine credits of their 400-level coursework toward the completion of the M.A. TESOL degree, allowing them to complete the master's degree in three semesters instead of four. Students interested in this linked program should consult Cindy Walter, undergraduate advisor in the department or Debra M. Hardison, Director of the M.A. TESOL Program.

A Second M.A. in Linguistics

Several students have completed the Linguistics and TESOL programs simultaneously. This is an option for students planning to continue their education toward a Ph.D. in theoretical linguistics, but who want a background in second language learning and teaching as well.

A candidate for a second master's degree, or for joint or dual master's degrees, from MSU may request the application of up to 9 credits, appropriate to both programs, from the first master's degree program to the second (or from one master's program to another). These 9 credits must have been earned within the time limitations of the college concerned. Credits used to satisfy the requirements of one master's degree may not be used to satisfy the residency requirements of another master's degree. The candidate must obtain written approval from both programs indicating which 9 credits will be shared. Some colleges with programs that require more than 30 credits for the master's degree may apply more than 9 credits toward the master's degree but not more than 30% of the total number of credits required for the master's degree. Credits applied to a Second, Joint, or Dual Master's Degree Program are not eligible to be applied to any other graduate degree program.

Students interested in this option may apply to one of the two programs initially, and then upon arrival at MSU, apply to the second program. MSU will also permit concurrent applications for admission to two graduate programs, each with a separate application fee. It is a good idea to consult in advance with representatives of both programs, Debra M. Hardison for TESOL and Marcin Morzycki for linguistics.

Ph.D. in Second Language Studies

For information on the Ph.D. program, see Second Language Studies.