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The Korean minor equips students with linguistic proficiency in the Korean language and cultural literacy about Korea and its place in the world. Students gain global cultural understanding, develop communication skills, and think analytically. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad programs, internships, student-centered organizations, and experiential learning opportunities through which they can practice the language and deepen their cultural understanding.

Requirements (17 credits)

1. All of the following courses (11 credits)
LL 251 Second-Year Korean I (4 cr.)
LL 252 Second-Year Korean II (4 cr.)
LL 301 Third-Year Korean I (3 cr.)

2. Two of the following courses (6 credits)
ASN 291 Special Topics in Asian Languages (3 cr.)
LL 302 Third-Year Korean II (3 cr.) 
LL 401 Fourth-Year Korean I (3 cr.)
LL 402             Fourth-Year Korean II (3 cr.) 
Other courses that contain a substantive amount of Korean or Korea-related content may be used for this requirement with approval of the Korean minor advisor.

For more information about the Korean Minor, please contact our undergraduate advisor.